Nothing Lovlier Than a Tree….

To paraphrase poet Joyce Kilmer, there is nothing lovelier than a tree, which is why I went ga-ga over this beautiful Spellbinders die (Just Swingin’) set that includes a tree silhouette as well as a swing, etc.

My cards with these aren’t the greatest, so I debated whether or not to even show them. But since I AM the imperfect stamper, I decided to show my work, warts and all. (My later experiments were much better, but I mailed the best one without taking a photo. Sigh.)

So … here we go:

Spellbinders tree 460 yellow bkgrd DSC_0386
A simple use. (Couldn’t decide on a sentiment, so just left it plain and will add a sentiment when needed.)

And another:
Spellbinders tree 460 red DSC_0387
This one I really messed up on the edges, but I trimmed a bit, added a piece of border and a sentiment and maybe saved it…?

The next one was the actually the first that I cut, and you can see that I just made a mess of it. It was my practice shot. I didn’t leave enough room on the edge, the paper ripped, the colors barely work together… oh, it is sad.

spellbinders tree 460 blue butterfly flawed DSC_0350

But what the heck. I trimmed a bit, layered a bit, and stuck on a butterfly to hide the flaw.

spellbinders tree 460 blue butterfly card DSC_0389

Thanks for stopping by…and for not judging too harshly!

2 Responses

  1. I really like the color combination of the first one!

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