Smooth and Curvy Dies

I love the current dies that have insert pieces you can mix and match — reminds me of working on puzzles when I was a child. Such fun!

I love the lines on this die, called Circle Border Wave, from Spellbinders.

I cut it twice, once from silver card stock and once from white (scraps! yay!) … and I mixed and matched the pieces, gluing them in place on the front of the cards.
Here’s the first:

spellbinder circle wave 635 white with silver DSC_0593

And the opposite:

spellbinder circle wave 635 silver w blueDSC_0594

Then I played some more, this time using the die to cut into the card front itself. (I love the inlay look!)

spellbinder circle wave 635 DSC_0590

Here’s how I did it (sorry I don’t have photo of the actual process): After cutting the card front, I placed a piece of packing tape on the inside front with the sticky side facing the front. I then placed the tan main shape onto the sticky tape, fitting it carefully so the piece matched the top of the cut out card front.

I wanted a little drop shadow effect, so I cut a piece of patterned paper about 3 inches deep and glued it to the bottom third, on the inside, of the card front. (Follow me so far?) This had another purpose — it covered up the back of my packing tape!

I then glued the bottom half of the cut piece onto the card so that a bit of the brown patterned paper showed through.

Here is a more detailed view:

spellbinder circle wave brown detail 635 DSC_0596
(Tip: For the darker brown pieces I simply cut the shape again from a smaller scrap.)

(I have purposely not included a sentiment so I can give these as a stationery gift set.)

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