Quick Card!

A short posting today to share a quick card I made (using scraps! Yay for scraps!) :

When I cut some papers out of a notebook (note the holes for the spiral binding) the leftovers were scattered on my desk. I loved the way they looked together … so pretty!

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Fun Friday … Note Cards

A short post on a fun project!

I recently took a workshop at the Paper Source* and we made these cool, fun note card sets along with a nifty folder to hold them all. The best part? We recycled and reused old calendars.

Check it out:

Below is the folder and some of the cards.

Don’t you love the string closure? Done with punched circles and eyelets. Can you see the butterfly envelope peeking from behind on the left? And the pretty poppy envelope liner on the right? Those were made using Paper Source templates — one for envelopes, the other just for liners.

Here are the notecards snuggled up in the folder:

And a little closer:

The butterflies were stamped, the flowers were cut from old calendars. It’s worth buying the calendars just for the pretty pictures! All the paper is from Paper Source.

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*Disclaimer — I sometimes work at Paper Source!

Friday Tidbits…

Yikes! I am so behind on my blogging…

Let me try to make it up.

I have one Fabulous Find — a fun new decorating pen from PLUS Corporation, which also makes a line of adhesives:

These work like tape runners, but lay down a line of decoration. So fast and easy. (My samples are not the greatest, but remember I get impatient and want to try new toys RIGHT NOW!)  There are currently five patterns. This would be a fun tool to bring on a road trip with youngsters. Or on a plane to amuse the hubster.

Here are a few random cards to share:

Love this newspaper skyline (Hero Arts)! Not the greatest stamping/embossing here, but I’m showing it warts and all. (Aren’t I brave?) I had pulled out one of my oldie but goodie Kaleidacolor rainbow pads (Tsukineko) (LOVE these pads for brayering and for adding a quick burst of color) and brayered color on glossy cardstock.  The stamp was — you guessed it! — brand new so I grabbed it and embossed away. (I can cover the oopsie with a greeting or a cloud or something….)

One more quickie card (made with scraps! Yay!)

All the stampy-papery goodness is from Close To My Heart. This is what I call an emergency card — ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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Book ’em Dano!

While writing an article about bookbinding for Crafts ‘n things magazine (April 2012), I had a chance to explore various bookbinding techniques and kits.

One of the easiest kits I found was from the Paper Source*. (There are similar kits available from other sources.) The kits come with the matboard cut to size and the text block assembled. You get to do the fun part — decorate and assemble!  This, of course, is too simple for purists, but for a beginner such as myself, it was a perfect way to get started — so fast and easy to put together and so satisfying when completed.

I started with two simple accordian books:

Then worked my way up to journals:

I used PVA glue, which is fast drying, flexible and acid-free, and book cloth for the spines. I was so pleased with myself!!

The other newly discovered products that I really liked (again, discovered in the course of researching my article) are these weights, called Heavyweights™, to weigh down projects while they are drying:

Heavyweights™ come in various sizes and configurations, including a flexible version (can you see the blue bag in the back?). They are on the pricey side, but they are so smooth and, well… heavy … that if you do a lot of these types of projects, you will find them useful. Because they are so smooth, they won’t mar the surface of your project. The flexible bags are great for mixed media projects because they bend. I also use these on cards.

Here’s a better picture of the flexible weights:

My adventures in bookbinding continue… stay tuned for my experiments with the Zutter and Cinch coil binders! I could easily be addicted to these!

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*disclaimer: I sometimes work at Paper Source.