Ink Potion No. 9

A while ago a reader asked for some tips on using Tsukineko’s Ink Potion No. 9 (anyone else want to hum the song “Love Potion No. 9″?). I did a little research on the product, but the best way to undestand the product is to play with it.

The Potion is a blending solution that works with water-based ink – think of how you use alcohol blending solutions with alcohol inks.

No. 9 is touted as making paper less likely to curl, although I have found the curling depends a lot on the type of paper you use.

My two favorite ways to use No. 9 are to create backgrounds and to create watercolor effects. Here are some of my experiments. First, the backgrounds:

For these backgrounds I spritzed glossy cardstock with No. 9, then dropped some ink (from re-inkers) into the mix. I spritzed another piece of cardstock with No. 9, then smooshed the two pieces together. (I used two Memento inks, Opalite pearlized Orchid Ice (all Tsukineko) and Metallic Green Iridescent from Dr. Ph. Martin‘s. (I used both dye and pigment inks.)

The piece in the upper left hand corner is watercolor paper. For that one, I spritzed No. 9 on my craft sheet, added re-inkers and plopped my cardstock on that. The watercolor paper gives it a very different look, much more subtle.

With these techniques, I like to make several pieces at a time. Here’s what happened:

I think the one above is my favorite. I stamped Hero Arts’ gate stamp in black pigment ink, then clear embossed.

Another similar version:

I put this piece on top of a box I made (using my Ultimate Crafter’s Companion scoring section). Here’s another view:

For my next experiment I used the Potion as I would use alcohol blending solution. I dropped inks onto my felt pad dabbing tool, spritzed it with Potion and dabbed it all over my cardstock.

I stamped my images using StazOn.

And one last photo — here’s what I do with scraps:

To be cut out and used at a later date!

Here are some ways to use Ink Potion No. 9:

— Stamp with  water-based ink, then spritz to get a soft, watercolor-like blend.

— Spray on an inked stamp for the same effect as above.

— Mix with water-based ink (re-inkers) and then spray on your project for backgrounds. This is especially nice if you use a sparkly re-inker.

— Apply to a stamped image with an applicator, such as Tsukineko’s Fantastix, to blend specific areas.

— Ink up a brayer, then spritz with Potion to help blend the ink and give a smoother application.

— Spritz it first on your paper, then stamp.

— Drop ink (from re-inkers) on a craft sheet, then spray with Potion. Drag card stock or press card stock into the mixture for colorful backgrounds.

– Use to blend watercolor crayons and pencils.

Have fun, and let me know how YOU use this blender!

2 Responses

  1. What beautiful effects and great tips! That little floral box is gorgeous. Love the tip on stamping scraps to cut out later.

    • Thanks Dawn! That box sat around for MONTHS waiting for the right topping, so I’m glad you liked it!

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