More Mega Madness — CHA report

Another report from CHA…

One of the joys of attending the Craft & Hobby Association trade show is discovering new (to me!) stamp companies.

Take a look at the delightful designs of Dare 2B Artzy:

Dare2B artzy stamps DSC_0585

I love coloring and doodling (can you say Zentangle addict?) so these flower/butterfly images speak to me. I was just playing around and stamped these images in VersaFine black on a piece of scrap cardstock. (See the full flower? I stamped once then reinked and turned the card so I stamped a mirror image to create the fuller flower.) I found it so relaxing to color in the patterns (not my best coloring work, but I had fun.)

Dare2B Artzy card 615 DSC_0594

I really like this bookmark image. This would have been a fun project for my Girl Scout troop!

Dare2B artzy bookmark 615 DSC_0588

Thanks Dare 2B Artzy, for letting me play with these stamps!

Check out the website:

I’ll be back with more CHA reports.

Fabulous Finds Friday — Random Finds

There was so much to see at the Craft & Hobby Association show waaaaaaaay back in January… Here are a few of my random Fabulous Finds:

As I mentioned in my CHA report in the Crafts ‘n things February newsletter, big images were definitely … well, BIG! These lovely flowers from Outlines Rubber Stamps use a large, open image and add one of my favorite techniques — Zentangles. Zentangles are doodles on steroids. Head to the Zentangles Web site for more details about this art form.  In the meantime, check out these beauties:

Pretty cool, huh?

I love the concept of this new SMASH journal from EK Success (set to debut in May):

This is not your grandma’s journal. This is funky and freeing. It’s designed as a fresh blend of scrapbooking and journaling; a project book that is fast and easy, where being messy is not only okay, but encouraged. It comes with a SMASH Stick, a pen/glue combo. Fun extras include lists, stickers, pockets and more. Sorry I don’t have inside photos!

One more fun item coming soon: Laptop Sticks — fun ways to dress up your laptop. From Me & My Big Ideas:

Thanks for stopping by … Hope your Friday is Fabulous!

Fabulous Finds Friday — Zentangles

It’s art! It’s Zen! It’s both!

Zentangles are artful little squiggles, lines, dots and doodles, all strung together in a neat package. They are fun, they are relaxing, they are meditative.

I first discovered Zentangles in an on-line art group — Artists of the Round Table. The technique is as old as doodling, but the refinement comes from Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. 

(Above are some Zentangles made by the folks at Design Originals, who have put together two books on Zentangles.)

Zentangles are designs made by repeating various patterns, using slow, deliberate strokes. It can be very meditative  — and there is no wrong way to create a Zentangle.

On their website, Rick and Maria note that “the very act of putting your pen to paper focuses your attention in a way similar to meditation or being in the zone.”  

Maria likens it to “painting with patterns,” an apt description.

Here’s a mannequin that was “Zentangled” and shown at the Craft and Hobby show at the Design Originals booth:

Here’s my first (messy) Zentangle — my attempt to make a “sampler” of some patterns:

And one of my early tiles (sorry about the shadow on the lower left):

Here’s what I do at long meetings:

For more on Zentangles, visit the site: (Note: it’s, not the plural zentangles! I keep making that mistake!) Check out the Zentangles book at