Fabulous Finds Friday — Judikins

What’s new at Judikins? Sock monkeys! These are the cutest little images — I may need them all!

Check them out: (The only one missing is the original-looking sock monkey — he was so popular he was sold out before I got to the Judikins booth at the Carson show!)

Sock monkeys!

Sock monkeys!

Another Fab Find is a technique using Judikins’ Mica Gloss  inks,  demonstrated by Cherryl Greene. What I loved about Cherryl’s technique was that nothing was wasted — she used shrink plastic as her palette, then stamped and shrunk the plastic into an attractive embellishment.

She used Judikins’ Mica Gloss inks, either matte or gloss cardstock (depending on the look), shrink plastic and stamps for several techniques. Here is just one sample. She put a few drops of ink on her shrink plastic then used a brayer to apply the ink to a stamp, which she then stamped on glossy cardstock. Love the shimmer!

A pretty card using mica inks.

A pretty card using mica inks. Don't wash off that brayer! Roll it over another piece of cardstock for a pretty background. Other techniques include dropping three colors of Mica Gloss on a postcard, spreading the ink around, then "smooshing" another postcard on top. When you pull the cards apart, there is a pretty background on each. You can do the same by putting drops on your palette, spreading the color and picking it up with a brayer.Below, Cherry takes that inky shrink plastic, cuts it, shrinks it and stamps into it while it is still hot. Cherryl Greene demos shrink mica magic at the Judikins booth.


Shrinking the plastic.
Shrinking the plastic.

While the plastic is still warm, Cherryl presses a stamp down, creating an impression. She then sprinkles on Judikins’ new glaze-like powder (it looks like embossing powder, but it’s not), sets it on a hot plate so the powder melts, and has a beautiful glazed embellishment.

visit Judikins at www.judikins.com

Have a Fabulous Friday!


Stella & Angus Star at Carson

Stella & Angus are more than just turtles. These stamp images come with their own back story, says Melissa Forsyth Sampaga, owner and stamping queen at Pugnacious Stamps & Designs and The Rubber Cafe.

Melissa Forsyth Sampaga colors in a new design.

Melissa Forsyth Sampaga colors in a new design.

 “Angus is always trying to impress Stella and she is not impressed,” says Melissa, who named the images after her dogs. “But he is the perfect man. He takes her on trips and boat rides, plays music for her and is attentive to her needs.”

Here’s a closer look:

carson rub cafe stella & angus

Some new images at The Rubber Cafe.
Some new images at The Rubber Cafe.

You can check them out www.therubbercafe.com under the new products section.

Safire Designs

Kathy Post at Safire Designs stirred up a little magic with her stamping and coloring techniques, which she demonstrated at the Original Rubber Stamp Convention in Carson. Kathy, who is quite the star stamper in Crafts ‘n things magazine, demonstrated her cool coloring.

Kathy demonstrates her technique
Kathy demonstrates her technique

Here’s a close up:

carson safire close up card

And some of her other work:

carson safire cards

Check out Safire Designs at www.SafireStamps.com.