Fabulous Finds Friday — Pinster Winster

A book featuring Pinterest pins?

Pinterest book 564 DSC_0473

When I first saw the book Pinterest Perfect! (published by Walter Foster), I thought, “Why do I need a book? Why not go directly to the source?”

But have you ever gone down that rabbit hole, disappearing into a never-ending spiral of great ideas and fetching projects? Where one pin leads to another … and another … and before you know it, it’s Easter and you completely missed Valentine’s Day?

Anyway, this book is a wonderfully curated collection of inspiring ideas, complete with step-by-step projects, creative tips and techniques directly from the artists, and hints on how to use Pinterest as inspiration. The book is broken up into eight sections, from paper crafts and doodling to mixed media and “crafts.” There are also empty pages ripe for sketching, brainstorming, note taking, doodling, etc. Skim the book with sticky notes in hand for marking favorite pages. Read it order or sip and glide as you will, randomly selecting a project here and there.

Here’s a peek inside:

pinterest book 569 inside pg DSC_0527

Pinterest book 569 inside page DSC_0530

Curious? Intrigued? You could win it! I have a copy of the book, donated by publisher Walter Foster, to give away! Just leave me a comment by July 28 on what you love about Pinterest and a random generator will pick a lucky winner. Sorry, you must be in the continental U.S. to win.

Have fun, and thanks for joining me today.

8 Responses

  1. What’s not to love about Pinterest? I really like finding a card or idea, then going to the person’s website and looking through more of their blogposts. I often add then to my Feedly list so I don’t miss other things they’ve made.

    • Oh, me too Janine! I’ll have to check out Feedly! Happy pinning! And thanks for visiting!

  2. Love getting lost on pinterest! Have tried lots of the recipes. Love getting inspired by the card ideas. Wish I had more tine to browse then play.

    • Oh, yes, Chris! I find myself following trails for things I never thought I’d be interested in … just because they look so interesting! Good to hear from you.

  3. Robi, I have a love hate relationship with Pinterest. It’s eye candy for sure, but it is also one of the biggest time wasters on the internet…. Lo!

    Maybe in book form it would be easier to put down. I mean, really, at least there is an end to a book – lol! Hugs, Debbie Poole (aka rpetal1234 from the good old days)

    • LOL Debbie! I know exactly what you mean! Which is one reason why I like this book — I can take it with me! It’s the perfect book to wander through while waiting at the doctor’s office or in the carpool line! So good to hear from you!

  4. I LOVE Pinterest. Aren’t we following each other there, Robi?? We should be. I have so many boards but being a visual person, I love dealing in images. I still wear your “write” pin that you made on a domino. xoxoBarbara

    • Oh heavens, Barbara, I must follow you! I love following any talented, artsy person, and I’ve always been a fan of your jewelry, knitting, writing etc.! And I’m so pleased you still wear the pin! Thanks for checking in.

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