Weave What You Write

A handwriting challenge on the Moxie Fab blog (a fun site — do check it out) inspired me to use an old card making technique that I recently saw revived in a workshop at the Paper Source. It’s fun and easy and you can use up scraps! (Yay!)

handwriting weave 555 card DSC_0512

Here are the basic steps:

1. On a piece of plain paper, create your weaving base. Figure out your sides, top and bottom margins (I used 1/2 inch here).

2. Using a permanent black marker (I used my favorite Faber-Castell PITT Artist pen, medium point) begin to write. Write anything you want, no one will be able to read it! Or copy a poem or words to a song ….

Here’s a look:

handwriting weave 555 writing DSC_0485

3. When done writing, lightly pencil in vertical lines — these will be your cutting lines. (I made them mostly 1/2 inch, making just a pencil tick at the top and bottom of my vertical margin.) Using a sharp craft knife and a metal ruler, slice into your paper, making these vertical slices. Do NOT cut into your margins!

4. Carefully erase all pencil lines.

5. Cut some light-weight paper (wrapping paper weight works well) into strips (they can be all the same width or varied) long enough to fit across the width of your base card, with a little extra.

6. Begin weaving. (Leave the ends long, you can cut them when you are done.)

7. When finished, secure the ends of your woven pieces, then attach this piece to card base.

My supplies included: WorldWin paper for card base; Paper Source decorative paper for the weaving; Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen for the writing. Stamp sentiment is Hero Arts, stamped in black VersaFine.

Here’s a large piece I made as wall art:
handwriting large weave 555 DSC_0489

Thanks for stopping by!

4 Responses

  1. This is really cool! What a neat way to use handwriting. I love it!

    • Thanks, Wanda! (By the way, I’m a big fan of your blog … and I love the name!)

  2. Love this so much Roberta!!! xo

  3. Thanks, Lisa! I made a ginormous one to hang in the store!

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