Fabulous Finds Friday — A Crafty Mystery

I know, I know… I promised you some Valentine’s Day cards. But I’m too excited about an upcoming book — a perfect pick for a Fabulous Finds Friday. It involves friends, food and crafting. How can you lose?

My colleague  and fellow writer, Mollie Cox Bryan, has penned a delightful mystery, called Scrapbook of Secrets, about an investigative journalist who becomes a stay-at-home mom in picturesque Cumberland Creek, Virginia. She joins a scrapbooking group and the scrappy scrappers become involved in finding out why a young mother seemingly commited suicide. The friends discover that Maggie Rae was a closet scrapbooker who left behind more than a few secrets, and her suicide starts lookng like murder.

Who can resist such a crafty plot?

Mollie, a mother of two girls, is a food writer and cookbook author who loves food, murder mysteries and scrapbooking — not necessarily in that order. Scrapbook of Secrets is set to be published Feb. 6 by Kensington Books. You can find more information here.

She said the book idea came to her “when I was going to a lot of scrapbooking events and was blown away by the generosity and quick friendships of other scrapbookers. I wanted to write a story about the power of women’s friendships.”

Mollie is currently working on book three of her Cumberland Creek trilogy — so there will be more scrapy good reading to come. You can see more of Mollie’s work at her Website/blog, molliecoxbryan.com. (We’ll have to get Mollie to do some rubber stamping!)

Isn’t she adorable?

Thanks for stopping by … and stay tuned for some Valentines. Really.

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  1. LOL! Thanks Roberta!

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