Holiday bags and more recycling

I previously admitted my current addiction to recycling — excuse me… rePURPOSING — old boxes into gift bags.

Here are a few more:

First, the original — a box that held a bar of soap. (Which I pulled out of the trash bin when the Hubster wasn’t looking.)

Luckily, Hubster is very clean and goes through a lot of soap, so I collected several. Here are some finished bag/boxes (covered with gift wrap paper and odds and ends):

Thanks for indulging me!

2 Responses

  1. Roberta, this is just the calendar recycling idea I needed today! We are starting a monthly “crafty lunch” at work, and this month I am showing how to recycle calendar covers into small notebooks. Now I know what to do with the inside pages! I just rescued my Lever box from the trash, and here I go – just had to say thanks. Glad you posted to ART so I could follow you here. Happy New Year!
    Linda B.

    • A crafty lunch? Oooooh, what fun! Thanks for the nice note! That Lever box is such a perfect size — and it smells good, too! Grin. I don’t remember if I posted my little notebooks, but I made some using the the fronts of calendars, binding them using a Zutter machine. Thanks for visiting my blog — let me know what you do with your old calendars!

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