R.I.P. Ginger

Hope you will forgive this off-topic posting today, but I wanted to pay tribute to our beloved dog, Ginger, who died over the weekend.

She was a rescue dog (as are all our animals!) who brightened our lives for nearly 12 years. A shepherd mix, she was extremelly good natured and sweet; patient with children and other dogs. She loved riding in the car, feeling the wind in her fur.

Thanks for indulging me. We will miss her.

4 Responses

  1. Aww 😦 I’m sorry that happened, I know it is a very hard thing when your dog dies, it is like a family member.
    I hope you are ok, big hug!!

  2. Sorry for your loss. We inherited my mom’s dog when she went into the Alzheimer’s center nearly eight years ago. Mom still knows me and is not doing too bad physically. “Boy” (given that name because she was not going to keep this stray), an 85 lb sweetheart, has aged and we dread the day he will leave us. We have discussed a rescue dog in the future.

    • It’s amazing how quickly our pets become a part of our lives. They make great therapy companions, too! I hope your mom is doing well. I’m a big believer in rescue animals, so good for you for going that route!(My husband has already gone to the shelter to look for another dog.) Good luck with everything, and thanks for sharing your story.

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