Fabulous Finds Friday — Framelits!

By now, most of you savvy stampers have heard of and seen (and probably played with!) the stamp/die combos from Hero Arts and Sizzix. Talk about doubling your fun!

Look how cute:

Antique Flowers And Butterflies picture
Although I usually don’t mind cutting out my stamped pieces, it is SO easy to do a lot of pieces at one time with these Framelits. This is especially convenient if the stamped piece is an intricate design.  What I love about these dies is the way they line up against the stamped image — it is so easy to get the right placing. (Well, unless you are me and having a lame day, as proved below. Wait for it.)
Here are my stamped pieces, ready to be cut in my die cutter:
I love that you can see exactly where the cutting edge should go — see how I taped the dies down using low-tack drafting tape? (Ha! Not that it mattered — look how wonky the butterfly is!) My tip? Make sure you leave enough room between the stamped images for the die edge. Duh.
The dies are so easy to place… and yet I managed to be really, really off on these! (Mostly because I was very impatient and wanted to cut one out NOW!!!)
Ack! That is pathetic! Ah, well, stamp and learn.
I perservered, and even made a card:
Pretty cool, eh? These sets take a lot of the work out of cutting!
There are some great video tutorials for using these sets — check out heroarts.com and sizzix.com, and look for more on the Internet.
Thanks for stopping by!