Fabulous Finds Friday — Close To My Heart

I have come late to the exciting world of electronic die cutters, and have just recently become the proud (and excited and nervous!) owner of a Cricut electronic cutter. I have, I admit, been a bit intimidated. (Even though I just finished writing an article about die cutting machines for the August issue of Crafts ‘n things magazine. Sheesh, you’d think I would be an expert after all that research!)

But last week I received a new Cricut cartridge (Art Philosphy) with designs from Close To My Heart. The nifty thing about the cartridge is that several of the designs match CTMH stamps. What was I waiting for? Taking a deep breath (and my least favorite card stock) I plunged. My learning curve is pretty steep on some things (like learning about anything electronic or digital — sheesh, am I getting to be an old fogy?)

The best way to learn something, I’ve found, is to do just that — jump in and play. So I did. And spent several hours just cutting things:

After getting a feel for the machine, the dials, the cutting parameters, etc. I decided that again, the best way to learn was to make an actual project. One thing I like about the Cricut cartridge books is that they all come with instructions for one project. So I popped in the Art Philosphy cartridge (page 12-13 of the catalog, which you can see online), and followed the simple instructions. Here’s what I made:

Not too bad, eh? (Remember, I used my least favorite cardstock and random scrap papers, so cut me some slack here!) And now I’m hooked.

I have been dying to make a box, so I tried it in two sizes (just to see if I could!):

(Yes, I have a LOT of this card stock!!!)

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks to Cricut and Close To My Heart for the impetus.

4 Responses

  1. Lovely projects, Roberta! 🙂

  2. Actually, you did the right thing by waiting to purchase the die cutting machine. I never buy a company’s first release of anything when it comes to electronic devices and machines. Although I’m a crafter, I am also a big electronics geek and have been since the very first PC came out to the market years ago. I’ve learned my lesson over the years that (usually) the first release of anything electronic in nature is worth waiting for at least until the second release when the bugs have been addressed and worked out. Also, a company sometimes already has a direction in mind that they want to take their products during the first release but need to hold off for the technology to catch up with their idea(s). It’s always better to wait it out. As an example, I held off on buying the Silhouette SD for this very reason. Now they have come out with the Cameo model and will no longer be supporting the SD.

    • Thanks for the info, Janine! My goal this year is to start using my Cricut more! I’m looking forward to checking out the new Cameo at CHA in a few weeks. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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