Wonderful Washi

Washi washi everywhere… and I want it all! I love the ethereal, wispy texture and appearance of washi paper, that thin, stick-able, tear-able hip design element.

Check out these nifty offerings from American Crafts/Dear Lizzy:

I have this horrible habit of lusting after paper products/embellishments and then being unable to actually use them. (Ack! What if I mess up? What if I can’t think of the perfect design? What if I make a mistake?) But I was so inspired by this adorable card made by the amazing and talented Lisa Spangler (you MUST check out her blog Sideouts & Scribbles. Delicious). My card is a poor second to hers. Here is her card:

Adorable, no? Check out her blog for her simple instructions.

Here is my pale imitation:

(Stamps, including the subtle background provided by the envelope liner stamp, a new fave of mine, are all from Hero Arts. The washi tape is from several sources, including American Crafts,  Happy Tape, Tim Holtz, and the late and lamented Kodomo.)

But at least I broke the ice and dug into my washi stash to make a few more cards:

(See — you can even stamp on it! Dontcha love the Divine Twine that holds the flags?)

Yay —  I used up all those little scraps!

(Chair, background blossom from Hero Arts.)

Thanks for coming back!

6 Responses

  1. Robi, I LOVE your cards here. Adorable. And I like how you use up all the little scraps in such a cool and creative way. Thanks, too, for turning us on to other crafty bloggers so we can drool all over their sites like we do yours! Love it.

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh . . . these Washi cards ARE great, Robi! Sooooooooo delicate and delicious!!!!!

  3. we are totally pinning you! you can get washi tape at http://wishywashi.com !

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