Embracing My Bad Ballet

My friend and writing colleague, Kathy Sena, who writes the popular Parent Talk Today blog, is embarking on another adventure — a new blog called Bad Ballet,  celebrating the”bad ballerina” in all of us.

Kathy, the mom of a 15-year-old son, was inspired by the fearless comedy of the late Gilda Radner. “Bad ballerinas,” Kathy says, are “women of any age who
are leaping onto the next stage of life — no tutu required.”

Why, she asks, do so many women give up on fun and exploration and silliness? Why not take that leap, even if we might fall flat on our tu-tus?

The world, she says, should still be our oyster! Who can resist that?

Bad Ballet is having a launch party tonight, and in honor of the new venture, I made a necklace to give away at the soiree:

The necklace was made using a wood base covered with the Bad Ballet logo and computer-generated words “Be Brave,” a good motto for anyone, dontcha think? A string of red sequins line the side and it’s hard to see, but there’s some Stickles glitter glue adorning her outfit.

I made a matching box, using some purple card stock and my Ultimate Crafter’s Companion (a great tool):

Before folding and gluing the top together, I used a decorative punch — here’s a closer view:

I used the boxmaking portion of the Ultimate Crafter’s Companion — a nifty tool that comes complete with various scoring lines, tools and a handy carrying case.  The box making function is so simple — one section has scoring lines for the top of the box, the other has lines for the bottom, just a smidge smaller. So you don’t need to measure a thing! I like that. I also like that it folds and unfolds neatly and has space for the necessary tools. Here’s one of the inside sections (the box making lines are at the ends.)

And here it is all folded up, neat and compact:

Do check out the bad ballerinas!

In the meantime, I’m cleaning my desk (yet again) to make room for more crafting.

2 Responses

  1. So nice meeting you tonight! 🙂 I was crossing my fingers hoping I’d win your fun necklace – it’s so cute!

  2. Jill, you’re so sweet! It is always great to meet a fellow stamp-a-holic… I’ve long been a fan of Amuse stamps and can’t wait to spend more time on your blog (www.creativegrace.typepad.com).
    Maybe we can have a Bad Ballet stamping event!

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