Happy (belated!) Valentine’s Day!

I was so busy chatting and posting about CHA that I totally missed posting some Valentine’s Day cards! (Luckily, I had made my Valentine’s Day cards early, so I was able to get those out to some very special people.)

So from me to you, here are a few quick V-D cards:

(Yikes — sloppy stamping there on the bottom…. Sheesh.)

Here’s a very quick card made by stamping, cutting and punching hearts:

(The hearts came from a Fiskars stamp set and a matching punch)

When it came time to mail my Valentines, I realized I was ONE card short! And I didn’t have time to make another. So I reached into my stash and found this perfect card — all it need was two punched hearts in the basket! I was so pleased with myself, hee hee hee.

(The Hero Arts bike is a fave!)

Hope your day was sweet! Thanks for stopping by. And do come back — I’m not done with my CHA report! You can read my lengthy report next week on the Crafts ‘n things newsletters — it’s free, just sign up at www.craftsnthings.com.


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