Trash to Treasure

A month or so ago I had a chance encounter with the talented and lovely Nancy Taylor, long-time artist for Hero Arts. She had been cleaning out her late mother’s house and I was teasing her that all that trash she was tossing was not really trash, but artful ephemera waiting to be free!

She just rolled her eyes at me.  

Well, about a week later, I got a package in the mail — it was a bunch of stuff that Nancy and her sister were tossing away!  Truly, it was junk. An old booklet that came with a Crock Pot …  the insert from a long-lost eight-track music tape … some grungy old wire ties like the ones you’d find in the produce aisle… a length of twine…. an empty film cannister… a wooden box that probably held candy… and a torn piece of the movie listings from the local newspaper (circa 1980s!).

After I got done laughing, I thought, “Oh yeah? I’ll show you Nancy Taylor!” So I started to play.

The songbook was my first inspiration. I looked at it and immediately thought of some Hero Arts stamps I had never used:

Isn’t that song, “Sophisticated Lady,” a perfect fit for THIS sophisticated image?

(Besides the page from the songbook, I also punched some of the flower pieces from the envelope.) Here’s a close-up:

Here’s another from that songbook:

(stamped images from Club Scrap; Flowers by Prima.)

I’m working on the rest of the trash! Thanks Nancy!

Hmmm…. now what can I send HER?????

What trash have you turned to treasure?

2 Responses

  1. Wow our trash looks fantastic!! Maybe I should send you the many, many more boxes of “trash” we found….or try and make it into something myself? Hmm…, probably not going to happen.

    I love the way you recycle every day things into something special.

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