Marvelous Marbles and Judikins News

I’ve always been drawn to the display cards at any Judikins booth. The colors are so vivid, the designs so elegant!

At a recent stamp show, Ms. Judikins herself — Judi Watanabe — gave a great demo using dye re-inkers, Diamond Glaze and flat marbles. Look how goregous:


First, the design was stamped on the flat side of the marble using StazOn ink. Judi then mixed a little Marvy dye re-inker into a puddle of Diamond Glaze (1 drop of ink per dime-sized Diamond Glaze puddle) and painted over the back.

 Lght colors are best, Judi advises. “Wet Diamond Glaze on wet will bleed, which can create beautiful color combinations. However, if precise color is important, let the tinted Diamond Glaze dry between applications.”

Let them dry — and look how pretty!

Wouldn’t those make great magnets?

And now for my Judikins hot news flash: the company will be taking on Posh Impressions — the stamps designed by stamping pioneer Dee Gruenig. Yay!

Here are some other Judikins goodies seen at the show:

And one of those pretty samples I rave about:

(The masks were stamped on shrink plastic, shrunk, then added to the card. Cool!)

Thanks for coming by!

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  1. I love the tutorial on Diamond Glaze & Re-Inkers on the backs of glass marbles . . . how attractive they look! I agree . . . Judi Watanabe’s samples are so bright and cheerful! I’m also crazy about the shrink plastic theater masks . . . VERY cool!!!!

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