Fabulous Finds Friday — Page Maps

Do you ever sit down to make a card and just … well, just run out of ideas? Can’t figure out where to start? Don’t know where to put the focal point? Sometimes, stamping is like a journey: you need a map to reach your destination.

That’s where Page Maps comes to the rescue. Becky Fleck’s latest road trip gives us “Page Maps 2: More Sketches for Creative Layouts & Cards.”* by Memory Makers Books (part of F&W Media).

The book has 92 sketches — mostly for scrapbook pages, but a few for cards. Although I do more cardmaking than scrapbooking, I do find Becky’s layouts inspiring, and I love her sense of humor. I also like the samples and the perforated cards you can punch out and keep on your desk for easy reference. (Read below for my interview with Becky.)

Here’s an example of one page with sketches and ideas, and my card(s)  inspired by that page:

I had the chance to ask Becky some questions:

 1. Why is it helpful to follow or create a sketch before making a card or layout?

It simplifies the process of “what to put where” and gives you more time to fuss with photos, papers and embellishments. Sketches are also a real time-saver for busy scrappers on the go.

 2. How do you “visualize” a sketch?

I start out with an idea of what the sketch will look like (how many photos, etc.) then begin blocking it out on paper. When I am happy with the rough sketch, I recreate it on my computer.

 3. Any tips for adapting scrapbook page maps into cards?

All of the 8½x11 vertical and horizontal sketches are easily adaptable for card makers, as well as some of the simpler 12×12 sketches to create a square card. I’ve used them for cards and discovered that if you mentally block out some of the embellishments and remove the photos on the sketch, a solid card sketch appears!

 4. What inspires you to create a layout or card?

For layouts, my photos are always what inspires me first. Once I’ve selected them, I write my journaling. Then the fun begins in choosing papers and embellishments to complete the page. For cards, it is usually the occasion that inspires me, although sometimes I will see paper and think to myself, “That would make a great card!” 

 One more card made from the same sketch:


Stay tuned… I’ll post some other cards made from traveling along Becky’s maps.


*Disclaimer: Book provided by F+W Media.

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