Fabulous Finds Friday — Punch It Out

I love border punches! They offer so much crafty-goodness because they can be so versatile.

Border punches are becoming bigger and better, so today my Fabulous Find are two new border punches from EK Success:

These two are Floral Chain and Lattice. Look at all the ways you can change them! (We’ll come to that in a bit.)

I already used the lattice punch in this card from last week, but here are some more selections:

So fresh in yellow! (Image and black rhinestomes by Hero Arts.) The other fun thing about the floral border is that you get a bonus — the center punches out a perfect daisy! How cool is that?

The punches can be a bit tricky to use — I had a few problems with them getting stuck, especially if my paper is either too flimsy or too heavy. I get the best results using a sturdy  paper or lightweight cardstock. I also stand when I punch so I press down fully (using my considerable body weight as leverage!) You may need to play with them a bit to discover what works best for you. I also punched through a piece of waxed paper to give a little glide — I don’t know if that really works or if it is just an old wife’s tale (but then again, I AM an old wife!)  But it can’t hurt.

The designs are pretty easy to line up when you punch a long border, but every so often I slip and this is what happens:

See the little bobble where it doesn’t quite meet? Not really a problem, though — I just covered it with an embellishment:

(stamped frame by Hero Arts; sentiments by Inkadinkado)

I have one other trick up my sleeve: I found that by cutting the punched strips, you can get different designs.  For example, here I cut the flower border down the center to create scallops:

It’s hard to see, but I added rhinestones to the center of the “scallops” and Stickles Ice to the centers of the flowers. (Flowers and sentiment by Technique Tuesday; stripes by Hero Arts.)

And here I cut the edges off the lattice:

(flowers by Technique Tuesday; sentiment by Inkadinkado)

Thanks for stopping by! I’ve been having so much fun, I may post some more cards during the week.)

2 Responses

  1. Gee, Robi . . . your blog is really looking GREAT! You are SO productive and creative! I love what you did with these border punches! They really add a finished look to your creations!!!!

    • Thanks so much, Michi! I do love those border punches! (I get on “kicks” where I’ll do a lot of cards using one thing!!!) Hope to see you at the Carson show!

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