Gift Giving

Undergoing chemotherapy is no fun. And since I find stamping, coloring, cutting and glueing therapeutic and relaxing, I thought my friend — who is not a stamper but has expressed her appreciation for the hand made cards I’ve been sending — might like some creativity-in-a-box to help pass the time.

I wanted to create a very portable kit that would be easy to tuck into a purse or bag, so first I looked for the perfect box and found a great plastic pencil case at a dollar-type store. (It is important to find the box before you make the cards because the materials must fit inside!)  Then I cut some gift tags (making sure they would fit in the box), and stamped them with fun images.

Digging into my scrap bag, I punched some shapes:

I tossed in some colored pencils and a glue stick and packed the box…

…then wrapped it with some pretty tulle (which I told her can also be cut and used on the tags!). I added  more tags to the front, then tied on a larger tag that had simple instructions:

The box was a big hit — and I may have converted another stamper!

How have you used your stamps to cheer up someone?

2 Responses

  1. oh I LOVE this idea and plan to SO do this for Christmas this year, for some of my favorite crafters…thanks for sharing it Roberta! Would LOVE to link this one on my blog! OK?

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