Friday Findings

When I first started stamping (back in the Pleistocene era) I bought stamps on an individual, need-to-have, basis — I saw it, I loved it, I bought it. There weren’t many coordinated sets around and it was easier justify spending a mere six or eight dollars at a time (Yeah, like that ever happened!) 

In this process, if I wanted to create a coordinated look, I needed to hunt around for images that would go together, a task I found daunting because my artistic eye was not exactly 20/20. 

As my stamping has become more sophisticated, I learned two things: 1) buying a set can make the creative process easier and 2) look at a stamp in a different way — see  the stamp as a component and not always what it is. 

With that in mind, I have been having so much fun working with the On a Pedestal set from Stampin’ Up!

First I used it in the traditional way, playing with the pieces to make cakes and cupcakes and fun cards, such as these:

And these quick tags (I made a dozen in just a short time!):

Then I started to look at the pieces in a different way. Doesn’t that cupcake look like an upside down bowl? That cake could be a vase or a present!

(background by Hero Arts)

(tiny flowers by Technique Tuesday)

I found that if I stamped a bunch of the images in various colors, I’d have a nice stash to play with:

(My bead tray was the perfect place to sort the pieces.)

Then I went even wilder — I started cutting apart some of the pieces and found:

Butterfly wings! This was made by cutting apart the cupcake. The other part of the cupcake would make a great crown … I just haven’t gotten there yet!

What shapes do you see in your stamps?