Fabulous Finds Friday — Mini Notebooks

Add this to the things I love — notebooks. Especially ones that can fit in a pocket or purse. And double that for anything that I can decorate.

My friend Linda, a former journalist, gave me two delightful pocket-sized Moleskine books that make me feel like a real writer:

Not only do they fit my above criteria, but they come with a story, too. (Oooh, doesn’t this just get better and better?) These notebooks were originally produced by small French bookbinders and were coveted by European artists and writers, including Van Gogh, Picasso and Ernest Hemingway. In 1986, the last manufacutrer of Moleskine, a family operation in Tours, France, closed.

Luckily, more than a decade later, an Italian publisher brought back the line.

Here are my little beauties, unwrapped:

I had them on my desk for a while, where I fondled them a lot and just enjoyed looking at them. Then I decided, “This is stupid! You always SAVE things and never use them….”

So I took a deep breath, decorated one, and stuck it in my purse:

Now I just have to be brave enought to actually WRITE in one! (And work up the courage to decorate the second book.)

(flower: flower by Stampendous, white embossed on pink scrap paper; clear plastic ribbon by Maya Road.) For more on Moleskine, go to www.moleskine.com)

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