Fabulous Finds Friday — Pencil Box

Sometimes a gal needs to go off the card and play with something a little sturdier than paper. For me, it’s boxes. I love boxes. I collect boxes. The hubster is annoyed with the amount of boxes I have stashed in the closet! 

So imagine my delight in getting a gift of this lovely little pencil box by Kaisercraft:

 At least I did somethng with this one: 

After putting the box together (uber easy) I lightly sanded it, then painted it with two coats of blue acrylic paint (Plaid Baby Blue Paper Paint). The paper and border are both by Creative Imagination. I applied both using Mod Podge.   And there you go!

It was so much fun, and so fast (except for waiting for the paint to dry) that I want to make another!

See more wood products at www.kaisercraft.net