Fabulous Finds Friday — Ribbon Rewind

Yikes! I missed Friday! How did that happen?

I found a cool tool to share … a ribbon winder and storage system from Best Craft Organizer. (They make one of my favorite stamp storage units — the Mini Stackable.)

Here’s the ribbon winder in action:

And here they are all organized:

Then just put them in the storage containers, which have slots so you can easily pull out what you need without opening up the container.

Here’s a picture of the Mini Stackable unit:

This is the sturdiest drawer system I’ve found — I love it for my stamps. You can customize the drawers to suit your needs — drawers come in 1, 2 or 3 1/2 inch depths. There’s also a paper shelf. The drawers and shelves pull out easily, making it simple to pick up a drawer of stamps and take it to your desk.  For more info go to www.bestcraftorganizer.com.