Clean Your Desk Day!

My desk has been a mess since New Year’s Day, so I proclaimed today Clean Your Desk Day! My goal was to use up some of the scraps that were in a not-so-neat pile.

First, I picked up a stack of images (OnyxXpressions) I had stamped eons ago:

When I first got this stamp, I wanted to play around with it and see how it performed with various inks and papers. I had no plan. Some came out better than others. The inks I really liked included Colorbox Chalk, VersaFine, Tsukineko Memento and Brilliance. The paper was all scrap — the backside of old greeting cards, junk mail, etc.

I spread the images on my desk, along with some scrap papers from my scrap basket and just moved them around  until something caught my eye. (The goal was to use what was on my desk!)

I liked the copper iris (stamped with Brilliance) and this copper-y colored heavy mulberry paper. The blues also seemed a good match. (I think the blue was stamped with VersaFine. But more on the blue later.)

The mulberry paper paper fit perfectly over a card front that I had smudged, so I just covered the whole card face. There was a hole in the top of the mulberry paper, so I needed to place the iris there to cover it.

The iris was lonely, stuck up there in the corner, by itself. And there was a label on the bottom of the mulberry paper, which needed to be covered, so I stamped the flower grid (Hero Arts) in Brilliance copper and cut out a strip (thus violating my own rule to ONLY use scraps I had on hand. Sigh. But I stamped it on white scrap paper, so I guess that counts for something.) I glued down the flower grid scrap, covering the label, and glued the iris on top to cover the hole.

But I still wasn’t happy. So reached over to my random embellishment box and pulled out a felt piece.

That seemed to pull the elements together. I am thinking of adding some pearls, but decided to leave well enough alone (at least for now!) I may add a greeting. Or not.

Friday I will post another sample made from my desk mess.

What’s on YOUR desk?

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