Stamping on-the-go


Here I am in a beautiful resort just outside of Las Vegas. And what am I doing? Why, crafting, of course! While my husband is busy with meetings and workshops, I have several hours to myself with no ringing phones, no distractions.

Red Rock pool

 I did, of course, delude myself into thinking I might actually get some work done. (That’s the beauty of being a freelance writer – I can work almost anywhere.) The night before we left, I had my husband load two new programs on my laptop – a photo editing program and the program for a newsletter I am producing. Then I transferred the files I needed to an external hard drive. (It helped that we drove to Las Vegas because I didn’t have to worry about taking this stuff on the airplane.)

 So here I am … With deadlines looming and a few hours to kill. I moseyed down to the pool, opened up the computer bag and … darn! I left the hard drive with all my files at home!

 Luckily, I also brought some stamping stuff! The night before we left, I made a “stamping-on-the-go” kit. I dug into my scrap paper stash and cut and trimmed scraps into little tags and note cards. Some I ran through my Cuttlebug embossing folders, some I trimmed using border punches. Some I stamped, using a water resistant black dye ink. Then I stamped some random images on scrap cardstock, packed up my watercolor pencils and my water brush in a plastic baggie and tossed the lot into a plastic project case. I also included a role of double stick foam tape, my small, sharp Cutterbee scissors and I was good to go!


My traveling kit!

My traveling kit!

By preparing just a few simple images before I left, I had an easily transportable kit. It is  so relaxing to just sit and color and cut. And when I get home, I’ll have some extra tags and some pre-cut images.

 How do you craft on the go?

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