Wise Old Owl

The last set I want to show you from Pink Persimmon is this Wise Old Owl. What I love about this set is that it comes in parts, making stamping a breeze. Stamp the body, wings, head, etc. in different colors and have fun mixing and matching. This is a great way to create a lot of cards in a little amount of time. Just stamp in various colors, cut them out and store them until needed. Then it’s easy to pull together a fast card.

Here are some samples:

The Birthday Owl was stamped in pieces and then assembled….

Birthday owl

Birthday owl

Graduate Owl

Graduate Owl

…. but it’s just as easy to stamp the owl right on your card.

(Doesn’t he look smart?)

And finally, the embossed gold crown is the “crowning” touch for an Owl Queen.

Owl with crown

Owl with crown

Hero Arts gemstones make perfect eyes. Whoooo could resist?

2 Responses

  1. Wooooo could resist indeed? Must. Find. That. Stamp!!! 🙂

    • LOL! Isn’t he the cutest? Pink Persimmon! Thanks for looking Lisa! I love your blog.

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