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Seaside Cove 139H

Seaside Cove 139H

This large ocean stamp is one of the first stamps I received – it was a gift from an internet stamping buddy and I was blown away by the size of the thing (and her generosity!). At first, the size itself was intimidating, but then I saw the beautiful artwork Kevin made and I braved the inking. I made a few vacation postcards, and they didn’t come close to Kevin’s art, but I was hooked. Now I love this stamp for its versatility and often use just parts of it to create a scene.

Here’s a beautiful scene Kevin made using Seaside Cove:

"Tropical Series," by Kevin Nakagawa, 1995

"Tropical Series," by Kevin Nakagawa, 1995

For detailed instructions on using Stampscapes, check out his website:

And here is Kevin demonstrating his techniques at The Original Rubber Stamp Show in Carson, Calif.:


Close-up of Kevin's work-in-progress


Thanks, Kevin, for sharing your thoughts and allowing me to post your art.

3 Responses

  1. Hi Roberta!

    I just found your blog! Yeah! What a great artist to highlight..I LOVE stampscapes!!

    I hope you’re well. I’m no longer with Stewart Superior..they laid me off in february..but I’m using it to help channel my own creative voice.

    I hope you’re well..and I’ll be reading. 🙂


    • Hi Elaine! I just saw your comments! I’m so sorry about the lay off. You are SO talented, I’m sure you will find other ways to use your creativity! I love your blog. Take care and stay in touch.

  2. Roberta, this is amazing stuff! Kevin is so talented. It’s interesting to see the stamp and then to see what can be done with it in the hands of an artist.

    Love the blog!

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