Hello world!

I’m not an artist. I’m not a designer. And yet, I create. If I can do it, anyone can.

 I was sort of crafty as a kid, making my share of macaroni necklaces and braided friendship bracelets. I sewed outfits for my Barbie and traced dresses for my paper dolls.  I even sold some hand made crackled marble jewelry in junior high school. I wanted to be an artist, but I couldn’t draw.

 So imagine my thrill when, as a leader in my daughter’s Brownie troop, I returned to my crafting roots and discovered rubber stamps. An obsession was born. I still couldn’t draw, but I could color, letting the stamps do the hard part.  

 A journalist by trade, I accidentally became a craft writer when the publisher of The Rubber Stamper Magazine – gearing up for its first issue — called me about a card I had apparently submitted on a dare. 

 “Can you write up something on how you created your collaged card,” Tammy asked.

 “You want me to write an article about collage?” I replied, confused because I had forgotten all about that card.

 “You write?” she shot back.

 And so I became an Accidental Crafter. I knew nothing about collage, or layering or color theory, but I gamely did what any journalist would do – I researched the heck out of it. And wrote a story about using collage techniques with rubber stamps.

 So welcome to my blog, where I can combine my two loves – writing and crafting – and where I can show my husband that I really AM working as I play with paper, stamps and ink. Join me on this great adventure.


2 Responses

  1. I miss The Rubber Stamper, and your stories. I will never forget the hilarous article on your stamping room. Many crafters related to that article and are still talking about it.

    • Thanks, Nancy. We may have to reprise that story here! (Although wait until you see my NEW crafty place!)

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